Our All-Time Fave Sunscreens For Face And Body

Jul 27 , 2022

No doubt you’ve heard us go on and on about the importance of sunscreen. Seriously, it’s the number one recommended product by every derm we talk to. Why? Because no matter how many great products you use, if you don’t protect your skin from the sun, you can welcome fine lines, pigmentation, and saggy skin sooner than you’d like.

So, to make sure your skin is protected this summer, we’re rounding up our absolute fave tried and tested sunscreens for your face and body. Forget pasty white, won’t-rub-into-your-skin, break-you-out formulas, these sunscreens are actually enjoyable to use!

Best Sunscreens for Your Face:

You’ll notice that all our recommendations are factor 30 and above, and that’s because we often don’t apply enough sunscreen, which means if you wear anything less than 30, you’re really getting barely any protection at all. Plus, the more protection the better! All these sunscreens also make the perfect base for makeup! Check our collection today!